Lori Robinson

I came across Ashley’s IG the beginning of 2017. Her dominating presence had me hooked. As I watched this lady win the overall at the Arnold amateur in March. Earning her IFBB PRO card I knew then I wanted to display the “winning confidence” before I would hit that Oklahoma stage. I attended her posing seminar “POSING WITH THE PROS” in August. That’s where I really learned what looked best for my physique & built my self esteem. I was very fortunate to get that time with her. I saw her as a hard working mother but also a mentor. I saw her love for this sport & it showed as she taught me how to present myself. If anyone were to ask me if it was helpful or worth it. I would say absolutely I learned a lot about stage confidence & what angles look best on me. Ashley has been MORE for me than I ever imagined. I have gained an incredible friend & I know whole heartedly my life changed for the greater good because of her. I’m forever grateful for her guidance. Once I got home and settled back into my own routine we did several FaceTime posing sessions leading me to the stage. Once I got to Oklahoma she even took time away from her family on a Friday night to watch me pose one last time before the big day. She helped me show up confident to compete but most importantly I displayed grace and elegance. If you are thinking about hiring a posing coach, she is every bit of the word professional. I ended up taking 1st in novice and 4th in open. I will be competing in April of 2019. I will definitely be attending another posing seminar of hers before then.

Rachel Isenberg

Ashley is not only an amazing coach, but an amazing person as well! I started out with her roughly a month before my first bikini competition. I walked into my first practice knowing nothing and she was able to completely transform my posing routine! You can tell she knows what she’s doing and makes it so easy to understand! She takes pride in what she does and always makes sure you are completely confident in the package you bring on stage. Posing is such an important part of bikini and with Ashley’s help it will be one less thing you have to worry about when stepping on stage!

Lacy Green IFBB Pro

In November 2017 I competed in my first NPC competition as a bikini competitor. I did some posing practice before the competition, but not much and it showed on stage. Fortunately I won all my classes and the overall at that show despite my posing but I knew to keep succeeding I needed posing help. I began prep for Nationals and knew posing was going to be the thing that would make me more successful. I began working weekly via FaceTime with Ashley and did 5 sessions with her before Nationals. Each week she gave me goals to work on and took everything step by step, building on each week. She does an outstanding job explaining why she wanted me to do each thing. She is patient and kind in her coaching. I won my IFBB Pro card at Nationals and I am certain it had much to do with my beautiful posing routine that flattered my physique. I felt extremely comfortable and secure with my poses on stage at Nationals. Before learning from Ashley I avoided posing practice and did not feel comfortable doing it. Once I learned how and why, I love posing! My husband commented after Nationals about how much better my posing was compared to most of the other girls! He said I looked relaxed and comfortable and my transitions were smooth. Ashley helped bring out the very best in me! I will get with Ashley again before my Pro debut to make sure I am stage ready!